The world’s most time and cost efficient electrode

40 years of experience makes a difference

BlueSensor is the world’s most time and cost efficient range of electrodes that delivers unmatched readings, user convenience and patient comfort. BlueSensor ensures that workflow is not disrupted by false alarms and time is not wasted resolving problems with electrode adhesion.

Exact monitoring - clear picture

Our electrodes give a fast and reliable trace without the need for skin preparation, maximising comfort for the patient.
We know that fast, exact monitoring ensuring a clear picture of the patients’ heartbeat is essential to accurate diagnoses.
BlueSensor electrodes will give you exactly that – an absolute quality experience.

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BlueSensor 2300

From £34.02 incl VAT

BlueSensor BR

£14.11 incl VAT

BlueSensor BRS

From £10.66 incl VAT

BlueSensor L

£15.28 incl VAT

BlueSensor M

£17.86 incl VAT

BlueSensor N

£22.20 incl VAT