King Vision aBlade System

£1,074.00 incl VAT

King Vision® Video Laryngoscope

The King Vision System comprises of a reusable screen, which is directly connected to either a disposable standard blade or disposable channeled blade, whichever suits your requirements best.

Alternatively, there is the option to purchase the King Vision aBlade system, meaning customers can connect the disposable aBlade’s via an adapter. This alternative potentially gives the customer an overall lower cost per intubation depending on the number of intubations done.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced imaging technology and unparalleled ergonomic design. Visionary performance in the palm of your hand.
  • Unique flexibility from the choice of two blade types - standard and channeled - depending on the user technique and complexity of the airway. Choose what is right for you and your patient.
  • King Vision® is designed to visualise the vocal cords indirectly which can help minimise the need for tissue manipulation and improve the ability to see anterior airways


King Vision aBlade System Product Specification


Product item no.DescriptionQuantityPrice
KVIS01 Reusable Display 1/CS £750
KVLAB3 Standard aBlade, Size 3 20/CS £199.80
KVLAB3C Channeled aBlade, Size 3 20/CS £199.80
KVLVA12 Video Adaptor Paediatric (for use with aBlade) 1/CS £375
KVLAB1 Standard aBlade size 1 5/CS £60
KVLAB2 Standard aBlade size 2 5/CS £60
KVLAB2C Channeled aBlade size 2C 5/CS £60
KVLVA34 aBlade Video Adapter 3-4 1/CS £299
KVLABKIT3 1 Vision Display, 1 Video Adapter, Case, AAA Batteries, 4 Channeled and 2 Standard aBlade 1/CS £895
KVIS01VA34 1 Display and 1 Video Adapter 3-4 1/CS £849
KVIS01ADCASE aBlade case 1/CS £12