The versatile and reliable range of Ambu electrodes

Functionality you can trust

Responding to the growing demands of standard solutions to cover a broader range of applications, WhiteSensor has been developed as a range of electrodes that unites versatility with the well-known Ambu quality and functionality. The wide range of sizes, shapes, gel types and backing materials makes it easy to choose the optimal device for every situation.

Covers all patients needs in monitoring

The WhiteSensor range is comprised of electrodes equipped with carefully selected features to match each individual situation, in total covering all patient needs in monitoring.

We have chosen flexible and reliable materials and adhesives, able to follow skin movements without lifting off, to accommodate both patient comfort and signal quality.

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WhiteSensor 0215M

£25.00 excl VAT

WhiteSensor 0315M

£12.00 excl VAT

WhiteSensor 0415M

£16.00 excl VAT

WhiteSensor 0615M

£28.00 excl VAT

WhiteSensor 0715M

£20.00 excl VAT